Packaging Innovations - A Need Of The Hour
Monday, September 01, 2008 08:00 IST



- Intends to convert the entire world into a “Single

 Global Village”

-    Reduces the trade barrier. 


- Encourages to foreign investors.

- Booming of international trades.

- Easy availability of foreign goods.

- Emphasis to global competition.

·Growth of literacy

- Awareness to health consciousness and safety increases.

- Changing in consumer profile and emphasis.

·Increase of middle class population.

-    Population is expected to rise 10 times by 2025.

-    Relatively high purchasing power.


-    Conversion of rural areas to urban society.

-    Changes in life style.

·Rise in consumerism

-    More demand of goods in smaller packs.

-    More awareness about packaged goods to get right quantity and quality

·Growth in number of working women

-    Causes to lack of time at home.

-    More demand for “ready to eat’ foods.

-    Frequent dining in outside restaurants.

·Increase in youth earning group

-    Surplus income with younger generation.

-    Tendency to foreign visit.

-    Adapted to foreign culture.

·Booming of retail market

-    Opening of shopping malls, super markets.

-    Entrance of global player into retail market.

-    Shopping becomes easier and customer friendly.