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 Raviraj Guruju of Pune named executive chef at Novotel Imagica Khopoli
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A Food And Beverage News Special
August 1-15, 2012

Ensuring growth in productivity is key challenge
India is the world’s largest milk producer, accounting for more than 13% of world’s total milk production. It is the world’s largest consumer of dairy products, consuming almost 100% of its own milk production.

Current scenario, future prospects in industry
India enjoys dual distinction – it is both the world’s largest milk producer and the world’s largest milk consumer.

Improving profitability with sustainable programmes
The production of quality dairy products is a challenging task that every dairy production manager faces on a daily basis. There is a constant need to ensure that high hygiene standards are set and energy, water and raw materials costs are monitored.

Melamine adulteration - A food safety hazard
Melamine is an organic compound, a base with the formula C3H6N6. Officially it is 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine. It is has a molecular mass of just over 126, forms a white, crystalline powder, and is only slightly soluble in water.

“Frozen desserts market is worth `1500 cr, ice cream 2000 cr”
Vadilal Industries has one of the largest ranges of ice creams and frozen desserts in the country with 150 plus flavours and sold in a variety of more than 250 packs and forms.

Moisture, fat & protein analysis in 5 minutes
Moisture and fat content are important components in the dairy industry. Cream and milk are bought and sold based on fat content. Fat is an expensive element in dairy products and it is essential for companies in food.

Reducing water and energy waste in dairy plants
Sending wastewater to drain is a required component of dairy manufacturing. “Our solution is making it possible to manage and limit those costs going down the drain through documented savings in water, chemicals, and energy expenses for heat, and production time.”

Advanced hygiene solutions for cleaning and sanitation
Cleaning and sanitation is crucial to modern dairy industry. Ever increasing consumer awareness is driving modern dairy plants to work on improving hygiene standards.

Importance of hygiene and sanitation in the industry
India produces 121 million metric tonnes of milk annually, highest in the world, ahead of the US. However, there are 121 crore people looking for that milk, giving per capita milk availability of 275 gram per day.

A look at cleaning solutions from equipment perspective
The dairy processing industry in India is getting upgraded on every day basis and catching up with best of world standards. Capacities are increasing and reaching global sizes. Process technologies are changing. Demand for equipment uptime is increasing so also better quality products. Safety standards are becoming stringent.

Organised market for yoghurt is growing at 20% & more
Yoghurt is custard like food with a tart flavour, produced by bacterial fermentation of milk, especially Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, and often sweetened or flavoured with fruit. Generally, yoghurt is made from cow's milk but sometimes from soy milk.

Overseas chains eyeing Indian yoghurt pie
In 2011, the Indian frozen yoghurt market was estimated to be worth Rs 650 crore, and seemed poised to grow at 18-20 per cent annually. Indians have always been among the world's largest consumers of dairy

Flavoured, frozen yoghurt are major emerging trends
What tastes great with a spicy Indian dish, or enhances meats in a Mediterranean meal?
What soothes a stressed upset stomach?
What refreshes and strengthens the body at the same time?

Re-inventing desserts through artisanal gelato in India
An Indian meal is considered incomplete without a sweet course at the end. Capitalising on this practice among Indians are the companies dealing in desserts. There is an array of commercially available desserts to satisfy the consumer palate.

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