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 Raviraj Guruju of Pune named executive chef at Novotel Imagica Khopoli
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A Food And Beverage News Special
December 16-31 2009

Yes we can, says Sahai
After days of campaigning for the Assembly election at his stronghold Ranchi, Subodh Kant Sahai, minister of food processing industries, resonated the Vision 2015 of his ministry with bubbling enthusiasm while speaking to the Food & Beverage News.

FSSAI draft integrates licensing provisions
The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has presented a draft that integrates the licensing procedures to be implemented by the FSSAI, food safety commissioner in the states and the officers working under the commissioner.

Maharashtra is like the slow but steady turtle – walking step by step
Maharashtra dwells in two different realities that need to be viewed through two different lenses. One tells you the story of moving ahead and second of the desperates.

FSSAI releases pilot project on “Safe Food and Tasty Food”
The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) has released a pilot project on “Safe Food and Tasty Food.” The project will be launched in Delhi and NCR in the 2000 identified eating establishments.

Kerala aims to become the Food Basket of India
Kerala has always been a leader in the food processing sector and a major exporter of spices, cashew nuts and marine products since independence, accounting for a considerable portion of the country’s food exports.

APEDA to set up traceability system for horticultural products
Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (Apeda) has decided to set up traceability system for Horticultural products exported from India and the maintenance of traceability system.

Govt support for setting up cold storages
The Centre is ready to support the private sector in setting up cold chain storage units across the country, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar announced on Tuesday.

Probiotic foods likely to come under clinical trial
The probiotic food industry in the country may have to establish the safety and efficacy of their products through clinical trials just like drugs, if they wish to use the word “probiotic” on their label, according to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) draft guidelines.

Despite being the youngest union ministry in India, the food processing ministry had achieved almost all planned goals, Ashok Sinha, secretary of food processing ministry, proudly said at the World of Food India conference held in Mumbai recently.

Inadequacy of infrastructure, tech. Manpower
The Food Processing Ministry’s Vision Document estimates that for every crore of rupees invested in food processing industries would create an approximately 102 jobs (direct and indirect).

Govt to spend 6,459 Cr. extra as subsidies on food, fertilizers
The Centre sought the parliament’s nod to spend an extra Rs 6,459 crore in order to subsidise food and fertilizers and bolster a national fund to mitigate the impact of calamities like drought.

Packaged Food Industry in India - A Bright Road Ahead
Increased consumer awareness and higher disposable income have been the engines driving the growth of the Indian packaged food industry. Growth of modern trade and convenience needs have further helped the growth of packaged foods.

Quality – the lifeline of Bangalore Test House
Bangalore Test House (BTH), well known in the testing arena and amongst all types of industries across the nation was established way back in the year 1987 by Verghese Chacko, a technocrat who had realised that quality is the lifeline of any industry.

Processed Food Industry In India: A Mega Growth Opportunity
The Vision 2015 document outlines the Indian Government’s goal to treble the size of the processed food industry to Rs 1,350,000 crore by 2014-15 from Rs 460,000 crore in 2003-04 (2003-04 price).

State of Victoria eyes Indian dairy sector
Despite India being on the top of the chart in milk production globally, the country’s dairy sector requires technology infusion and global expertise from  milk processing to  packaging.

Convenience is the name of the game with Booster Juice
Booster Juice is a North American Smoothies and Juices chain that has over 220 stores between Canada, USA, Netherlands, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

FP industry facing inadequacy of funds
Despite steps taken by the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries to achieve the target of Vision 2015, there are some critical issues that need to be addressed.

Wine culture spreading fast
From an engineer in the US with a software consulting job to a top wine maker in the family owned property in Nashik, Rajeev Samant has travelled almost 15 years.

Need for an efficient supply chain
As the world economy struggles to pull out of recession, India is one of the several major emerging economies that continue to show positive growth. Significant capital investment and a rapidly expanding domestic market have skyrocketed India to become the 12th largest economy in the world.

Nutraceutical products indicate promising growth prospects
Nutraceutical market in India is now evolving. This is because of the increased awareness on the need for dietary supplements.

Partnering your success story
The dictionary definition of partner is an associate who works with others towards a common goal, aptly applies to Nichrome. It walks the whole distance, from sharing anxieties of clients, associating with them to critically analysing their requirements and finally providing a solution that would chart their success story.

Marking and Coding the Videojet Way
Marking and Coding Marking on food products is important and mandatory. What must go on a food label, and how it should look like? Debate is heating up on the new EU regulation, with stakeholders airing views on the merits of printing guidance on daily intake amount, traffic light labels, and the font size to be used for mandatory information.

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe - Centres of Excellence create synergies for customers
For 30 years the independent, owner-managed, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, with its headquarter in Hamburg, has been among the most successful enterprises operating internationally in the world of food and feed ingredients.

Red Wine and Good Health
Since ancient times, wine has had its elevated status within various societies. During the vedic period in India, Soma, an intoxicant was preferred offering to Gods during yagnas and was consumed, often indiscriminately, by the priestly class.

Practical Industry Insights for Dairy Science Students at AAU - Anand Agricultural University
Tate & Lyle Food Systems, G.C. Hahn & Co. (part of Tate & Lyle Plc.), conducted its first workshop with dairy science students at Anand Agricultural University (AAU) in order to introduce its education programme in India, on November 26 – 27, 2009.

Are we ready for the global markets?
Can we deliver to the demands of the huge Indian market, representing more than one billion population? If we can do it, we will do it in the global market, too.

First IFDE successfully launched in New Delhi
On December 2–4 2009, a truly international line-up of exhibitors met with India’s foremost food and drink professionals at the first edition of the International Food & Drink Expo at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

Public–private partnership needed for the development of cold chain
The government is committed to reforms in agriculture, which will facilitate large-scale private investment in every stage of value chain, “ reassured K V Thomas, minister of state for agriculture, GOI at the inauguration of the Cold Chain Summit 2009, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Food Processing.

Global Food Safety meet in Hyderabad
After the success of executive development programmes spanning various sectors like agribusiness, hospitality administration and management dynamics in the agriculture, food, seed and hospitality sectors, Sathguru Centre for Executive Education, has announced the Global Food Safety Management Programme (GFSMP).

Mofpi – so far so good, says Ashok Sinha
Despite the youngest union ministry in India, the food processing ministry had achieved almost all planned goals, Ashok Sinha, secretary of food processing ministry, proudly said at the World of Food India conference last week in Mumbai.

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