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 Raviraj Guruju of Pune named executive chef at Novotel Imagica Khopoli
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2nd Anniversary Special
November 18, 2006

FP industry on a high
The food processing industry in India is on a roll as the demand for packaged ready-to-eat-and-drink products is growing day-by-day even in smaller towns, leave alone the large metros.

Food Safety Act may need several corrections
The most important thing to happen to the fledgling food processing industry in India recently is that the Government of India has piloted the Food Safety and Standards Bill, 2006

Famous quotes from F&B News archives
W e need a Second Green Reolution. By 2020, India will require to produce over 340 million tones of food grains to feed its growing population. An increase in production would necessitate surmounting

Preservatives to grow three-fold by 2012
In recent times, the increasing lag between production and consumption of perishable commodities has led to a rise in the demand for more efficient and lasting methods of preservation.

Rules & regulations of Food Safety Act being framed
The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 has been enacted. Now, we are framing the rules and regulations of the Act. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is doing its best to frame

Maharashtra becomes the main destination for wine makers
United Vintners, the wine arm of the UB Group will storm Indian wine markets in December this year. Making a strategic entry into the region, with the acquisition of Bouvet-Ladubay, the wine subsidiary

The sea of woes is growing deeper
A record $1.6-billion marine exports during the last year is not sufficient reason to cheer the seafood industry which has been over the last few years in deep trouble

Incredible, Good work, Great effort, Keep it up, and a wishlist
Food & Beverage News is the first hand information on the industry. If you need to look on the latest development or innovations across, it gives the spectrum widely and fully.

Increasing domestic consumption of coffee
Ever since the great Brazilian frost of 1975-76, the coffee economy has been characterised by cycles of boom and bust. Scrapping of quota system in1989 has only increased the volatility

Centre launches National Agricultural Innovation Project
Indian agriculture is now in crisis, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh recently said. Crisis in Indian agriculture is a serious concern for our policy makers because the growth of agricultural sector is only 2%

Poultry farming in India and its future prospects
Indian Poultry Industry is said to be 5,000 years old, in the last 40 years it began to witness tremendous growth from backyard to poultry industry. India has 18% of world's human population

Indian poultry industry: Business out of the nest
The poultry production and consumption in the domestic market is slated to grow. Indian poultry industry has been a major contributor to the food-processing sector in the country.

Tremendous scope for poultry farmers with 13-14% growth rate
Tremendous opportunities existed for poultry farmers in India, said P K Bhardwaj, general manager-corporate finance, Suguna Poultry Farm. Suguna Poultry Farm is presently the

A lot more needs to be done on tech upgradation in dairy sector
Research is the basic thing for launching any product in the market. So, for launching a new dairy product in the market the first step is to market research. The market research usually determines

Farmers' agitation may hit sugar production in M'rashtra
The lifting of the ban on sugar exports should happen any time now. The Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation has represented to Agriculture Minister

Healthy food with convenience
The pace of life has gone beyond our control and although we hear of health food, in my opinion convenience food is what the new generation is looking for. Foods that are quick to cook and tasty to eat

Nanotechnology beckons Indian food industry
Even as the Nanofood market, currently estimated at around $3 billion across the globe, is all to bring a radical revolution greater than the Green Revolution and surge to $20.4 billion

India - The nutraceutical sprinter to watch
The clear resultant outcome in addition to the economic boom of India's information revolution in recent years is the coming of new "mindset" consumers who are progressive,

Proteinous nutraceutical beverages: development and packaging perspective
One of the fastest growing food and beverage categories today is the functional or nutraceutical beverages.

R&D sector should focus on quality aspects
Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SRI) is an independent, self sustaining, not-for-profit multidisciplinary contract research institute conducting research and development

Great going
Food & Beverage News completes two eventful years and it's time for stock taking. Last one year had been a mixed fortune for the food processing industry with the government extending

GM crops facing trial times across the country
The trial and tribulations are still on. Agitations against Genetically Modified (GM) crops, court ban on fresh field trials and scattered but vociferous calls by scientists for GMC

FP industry needs to be encouraged at all levels
The All India Food Processors' Association (AIFPA) was established in the year 1943. Since then AIFPA has been representing the food processing industry in the various government

Technology in food processing: The "right context"
In all the fields of science, in all the sectors of business, "Technology" is the primary driver of growth and development. Food processing industry is no exception to this. However

Developing machines to scale-up Indian food products
Indian consumers are really conservative. Even if they go abroad and eat burgers and pizza, or even when they consume these products occasionally here too, their love will always

Retailing: Aping the west is a sure recipe for disaster
Nothing has prevented Indian economy from growing faster in the past five years than in any five-year period in recorded economic growth. Given this recent performance and the optimistic

Liberalisation & the emerging packaging scenario
Liberalisation has brought in the impacts not only on economy but also on social, cultural, environmental, employment and many areas of relevance.

Keeping pace with booming retail - a challenge for packaging industry
A consumer first eats with his eyes, then with his nose and then with his mouth, a saying, which aptly describes packaging.

Maharashtra to set up seven new food testing laboratories
The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon submit a proposal to the State Government to start seven new food and drug testing labs as part of augmenting the food monitoring activities in the state.

FP industry can't do without food safety and security
Annaporna-World of Food India, Mumbai, recently was summed up appropriately with an intriguing and informative session on the rising significance of food safety in the food processing industry (FPI).

Need to create awareness about certification
The unorganised food processing sector in India is primary, especially at the cottage level. The present economic condition is not in tune with the unorganised sector

The usage of barcoding & GS1 standards in the food processing industry
India is the world's second largest producer of food next to China, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The total food production in India is likely to double

Is food the new brand?
India should sell itself as a tourist destination offering great food, and a vast variety of it. Think about Paris and you think romance. Think about celebration and you think champagne

Stevia, a herbal sweetener 200 times sweeter than sugar
In the fine days of 1992, we the explorers of herbal plants and related products in India, came to meet a new icon in the market, which claimed to be a substitute sweetener for sugar

Maarc Lab offers PRs analysis in sugar
In the advent of the recent outcry of the necessity of the analysis of food products for the presence of residual pesticides, Maarc Labs Pvt Ltd has developed, validated and implemented

Cooling solutions from Mech-Air
Established in the year 1998, Mech-Air Industries today is one of the leaders in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration providing range of cooling solution for the FP industry.

Automatic chapatti making plant from Om Engineering
Om Engineering Works, the pioneers of Automatic Chapatti making plant, was established way back in 1985-86.Vidyasagar who already had previous experience of working on an imported biscuit

Ready-to-use liquid ice cream mix: A sure recipe for finger licking profits
The classic cone has made a comeback! The 70's generation that grew up on the softy would remember with nostalgia the delectable swirls the machine made while they waited for the cone

Promising methods in food technology
Tood technology is a broad-based field encompassing the traditional technologies like dehydration, salting, sugaring, baking, frying etc. Over the decades, the technological advancements

Importance of analytical instru-mentation in food industry
Food industry is one of the important segments in our country's industrial front. It is poised for a tremendous growth especially in the light of the thrust and importance given to it by the government.

Eco-friendly packaging machines by Presto Pack
Having accomplished an installation base of over 1,000 machines within India and overseas in a matter of a decade, Presto Pack Systems Pvt Ltd has become one of the most preferred

'TAURUS' introduces easy to handle 'Roll-A-Way-Beds'
Specialising in hospitality products for years, M/s Taurus Industries introduces compact and easy to handle, Export Quality Folding Roll-A-Way-Beds, specially designed for hotels.

Maintaining colour stability
The colour of a food or beverage often determines whether the consumer accepts or rejects the product. Adding colour to foods can encourage acceptance by offsetting colour loss caused by exposure

Centre launches National Agricultural Innovation Project
Indian agriculture is now in crisis, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh recently said. Crisis in Indian agriculture is a serious concern for our policy makers because the growth of agricultural

SEZ status to Food Parks
The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has proposed to give SEZ status to mega Food Technology Parks with a provision of 50% produce for domestic consumption and the remaining for exports.

Italian vintners keen on technology park in M'rashtra
Italian wine-makers are seeing much promise in India, especially Maharashtra, with a state government delegation having visited Italian vineyards earlier this year to gauge business prospects.

Mashelkar calls for regulatory authority for nutraceuticals
The Indian Nutraceutical Industry is in a dynamic state. There is tremendous excitement in the air. The markets are preparing themselves to meet the growth opportunities.

Norms for flavoured tea
The flavoured tea manufacturers shall have to register themselves with the Tea Board before marketing flavoured tea. Also, tea used in the manufacture of flavoured tea shall conform to the standards of tea.

China to buy Basmati rice
The major items of export comprise spices, oilmeals, sesame seeds, castor oil and marine products.

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